Thursday, October 7, 2010

Anja The Goddess Of The Third Eye

White Carrara marble and mini video screen.
Carved in West Rutland, Vermont and Chicago, Illinois -1991 by Paul DiLillo
Forehead video monitor by Kevin Kriegel
Videoglyphics by Steve Cejtin, Hammer and Pixel, Evanston, IL

:Anja, the Goddess of the Third Eye" being carved in Vermont

Anja, the Goddess of the Third Eye

"Anja, the Goddess of the Third Eye" at Hammer & Pixel Studio with mini video screen.By Paul DiLillo

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Allora Qui" sketches and in studio

After "Qui" and other marbles I had chosen were shipped from Italy by sea via the Atlantic, St. Lawrence Sea Way and the Great Lakes. (a three month excursion) I rented space in the International Marble & Granite Company on Sacramento & Grand, Chicago. The Chicago Marble Carving Studio was located here. Now "Allora Qui, carved, filed and dry-sanded was ready for wet-sanding and finally Oxalic Acid and Tin Oxide for a mirror polish.

Next photo is a "Qui" sketch and some clay maquettes.