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Curriculum vitae

Artist's Statement

Drawing from past experience as a film animator and art director, my
sculpture has evolved with an anamorphic, abstract and sensual

I developed a religious tone to some of my work while working on
church restoration, the statues of the saints and martyrs spoke to me
in a mysterious way.

I try to bring an animated feel to my work with the combination of
these styles and ideals.

The conflicts, the passion and the drama help me to establish my soul
and hopefully that of the stone's as well.

In Italy, marble from Carrara is known as "La Pietra Santa", the Holy
Stone. It has a power and magic over me, the crystals in the marble
resonate a frequency that electrifies my soul with mystic magnetism.

Creative Experience

1991-97 St. Mary of the Angels Parish, Chicago. Sculpture restoration
artisan. Restoration of many religious statues, artifacts, and

2000 Restoration of sculptor, Alfonso Iannelli's Marble Portrait of
his daughter, "Head of Bebe", 1925, Park Ridge Heritage Museum, Park Ridge Illinois

1982-present Freelance Motion Picture Animator

1989-1991 Computer Graphics Art Director

1991-2001 Restoration Artisan

1988-2001 Marble Sculptor

1997-2001 Sculptor with Virginio Ferrari

2001-present Animator, computer and traditional 2d animation

2004 - present Political Cartoonist

Proficient in the following computer skills:
Toon Boom Animation Studio 3, Flash 8, Photoshop cs3, Illustrator cs3, Microsoft Office, OS Power Mac, Wacom


The Carving Studio, West Rutland, Vermont 1991, Marble and Stone carving

Studio Carlo Nicoli, Carrara Italy 1988 for Marble carving and sculpture
Hand, Electric and Pnuematc tools

Columbia College Chicago, Bachelor of Arts 1982
Film and Animation

Triton College River Grove Illinois, Associates Degree 1977
Advertising Art

Maine South High School 1975, Park Ridge Illinois

Scupture Exhibitions

1977 Triton College Gallery, River Grove, IL.

1982 Columbia College Gallery and Theater, Chicago

1985-87 The Lounge Ax Club, Chicago

1986 Studio V, Chicago

1986 Custer Street Art Fair. Evanston, IL.

1987 The Limelight Club, Chicago

1988 Studio Carlo Nicoli Marble Symposium, Carrara, Italy

1989 & 91 The Carving Studio School Exhibition, W. Rutland, Vermont

1991,94,97 Ludwig Drum Factory Loft Condo Exhibition, Chicago

1994-2001 Hammer & Pixel Studio Exhibits, Chicago

1995-98 Chicago Marble Carving Studio Exhibits with Virginio Ferrari, Chicago

1995-98 International Marble and Granite Co., Chicago, IL.

1996 St. Mary of the Angels Parish Artists Exhibit, Chicago

1999-00 Terzo Millennio International Sculpture Exhibit, Terra
Moretti Group, Milan, Italy

2000-01 Art de Chicago Gallery, Highland Park, IL.

2001 Pops for Champagne, Highwood, IL..

2001 Park Ridge Art League's 49th Art Fair,
Park Ridge, IL.

2004-2009 Chicago Artist's Coalition Online Gallery

2005 Invited to exhibit my sculpture and participate in the Florence Biennale, Florence, Italy.


All my marble sculpture have been created prior to September 7. 2001. Since then I suffered a disabling, massive and a 2-week coma inducing CVA (Stroke). Which has paralyzed my right side (hemiplegic.) During my coma the whole "911" infamous episose took place. Needless to say, when I finally woke-up I thought it was the "End-Of-The-World" based on TV and my condition! Since then I've been through months and months of therapy, but only my right hand has not responded as well as the rest of my body. I am still hemiplegic, but thank God my left hand, my drawing and art hand was not affected!


Copyright © 2010 DiLilloArts-Paul DiLillo All Rights Reserved.

Plaster Maquette for finished Limestone
18"h x 8"w x 8"l


Sketch for Marble.


Sketch for Marble


Sketch for Marble


Copyright © 2010 DiLilloArts-Paul DiLilloArts All Rights Reserved

Black Enamel, Plaster, Concrete Cube Base. Spruce Evergreen Tree Log Section.
Total height 58"h... x 14"w x 14"l

Anja, The Goddess of the Third Eye

Copyright © 2010 DiLilloArts-Paul DiLillo All Rights Reserved.

Italian Carrara Marble
22"h x 13"w x 11"l
3/4" x 1" Video Screen mounted in the stone.
Click below to view.

"Anja the Goddess of the Third Eye", Copyright © 1991-2010, Paul DiLillo, All Rights Reserved.

Was designed and carved by me, Paul DiLillo, in West Rutland, Vermont and Chicago, Illinois in 1991. It was carved from white Italian Carrara marble, H 22" x W 14" x L 11", weighs approximately 280 pounds and has a 3/4" x 1" video screen mounted in the forehead of the sculpture. The video plays graphic symbols of esoteric, pagan and world religious symbols. The symbols flash on the screen in a continuous loop, creating the effect of serenety and calm hypnosis.

Special thanks to :
Sidney Geist, Sculptor, Professor, Author; Vermont & New York City, Mr. Geist has since passed on in '05.
Kevin Kriegel, Robotics Engineer- Chicago
Steve Cejtin, VideoGlyphics, Hammer & Pixel, Evanston, IL.
Virginio Ferrari, Sculptor, Professor- Chicago & Verona, Italy
Karl Geckler, Architect/Sculptor- Chicago
Bernadette D'Amore, Sculptor, Professor- Vermont & Carrara, Italy
The Carving Studio, West Rutland, Vermont
The Chicago Marble Carving Studio
Studio Nicoli, Carlo Nicoli- Carrara, Italy

For a link to Hammer & Pixel or the ANJA VIDEO, click on the upper right of this page.


Copyright © 2010 DiLilloArts-Paul DiLillo All Rights Reserved.

Italian Carrara Marble
14"h x 12"w 16"l


Copyright © 2010 DiLilloArts-Paul DiLillo All Rights Reserved.

Italian Carrara Marble
10"h x 6"w x 11"l

Courtesy of of Wayne and Helene Cross.

The Mensch of the Mahalla

Copyright © 2010 DiLilloArt-Paul DiLillo All Rights Reserved.

White Vermont Danby Marble
20"h x 9"w x 9"l

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Copyright 2010 © DiLilloArts-Paul DiLillo All Rights Reserved

Italian Rosa Aurora Marble
Cream White with Light Pink & Tan veining.
Marble dimensions 26"h x 9"w x 7"l
Painted Concrete "Beer Bottle" Base on a Concrete Cube approx. 48 inches.


Copyright 2010 © DiLilloArts-Paul DiLillo All Rights Reserved

Grey Italian Bardiglio Marble
16"h x 16"w x 17"l

Allora Qui

Copyright 2010 © DiLilloArts-Paul DiLillo All Rights Reserved

White Italian Ordinario di Carrara Marble
32"h x 11"w x 16"l
Base Black Paint over a Carved Pine Log

DiLillo Sculpture Space